Where can I access the Order Form?

The Order Form can be accessed here. Once completed, it can be emailed to orders@ecosmartworld.com or faxed to our office at 1-778-297-9916.

How do I refill my EcoSmart marker?

It’s an easy process to top up your eco-friendly markers, and should only take a few seconds. We strongly recommend that you refill your marker before it completely dries out.

Here’s a video you can watch that shows you how to refill:

  1. Unscrew the neck of the barrel.
  2. EcoSmart Markers are individually wax sealed to ensure they are airlocked. This may result in initial tightness of the neck. Subsequent openings are easier. Just like a jar of peanut butter.
  3. Drop 10 to 15 drops of ink to keep the pen topped up, or up to 15-25 drops for a full refillinto the barrel of the marker.
  4. Replace neck of the barrel firmly.

Note: Ink may stain fabric.

How long do EcoSmart markers last?

Many of our loyal customers have been using their markers for years. As long as the cap is securely placed on the marker, and the marker is not completely dried out before refilling, your markers will last a long, long time.

What materials are EcoSmart markers made of?

Our markers are made of 100% recycled aluminum or 90% post-consumer recycled plastic from discarded ink cartridges. The ink bottles and the carrying case are made of #5 plastic, and can be recycled in the regular recycling bin. There is no PVC plastic in our products.

How do I change or replace the nibs?

Check out this page

What’s the difference between the chisel and the bullet tips?

Tnibshe bullet tip is a medium-point tip, while the chisel tip is cut on an angle to provide a thinner writing line and a thicker one, when held at an angle. They are of equal popularity! Children typically have an easier time holding the bullet-tipped marker. All markers are interchangeable with both types of tips, so you can always purchase replacement nibs of the other type.

What are the ingredients of AusPen ink? How is it non-toxic?

Our ink is certified non-toxic, and is free of xylene, toluene and other harsh and dangerous chemicals. Many customers have chemical sensitivities and can use our markers without their usual symptoms (headaches, brain fog, breathing difficulties, etc). Here is a list of the ingredients:

  •  70 to 80% denatured ethanol
  • 20 to 30% Iso-Propanol
  • 5% Organic Vegetable Compound

What is the shelf life of the ink?

Stock up on your EcoSmart inks and markers and go on summer vacation! There is no shelf life on our ink, as long as the bottles are well capped.

Why aren’t there larger bottles of ink?

Larger ink bottles were market tested several years ago, and it was found that, in addition to a lack of demand for larger bottles, the refill process proved to be easier with the 23 mL bottle. Since the plastic-savings of a larger bottle versus several smaller bottles was negligible, EcoSmart opted for one uniform bottle of ink.

Do I need a special eraser or sprays to erase AusPen ink?

No.  EcoSmart ink will wipe clean off your whiteboard with any soft cloth or brush. No harsh cleaners are necessary. Good riddance!

If ink has been left on the board for a long time, a damp cloth should suffice to remove the ink. If the marker is not wiping clean off your board, there is a possibility that your board has become porous over time, or with the use of harsh cleaners.

What is special about the AusPen eco-eraser and the e-cloth?

While you can use any whiteboard eraser or cloth with your EcoSmart markers, EcoSmart offers the e-cloth, which attracts any dry-erase dust to the micro-fiber cloth while wiping the board clean. As well, the e-cloth can be washed and last a long, long time.

How much are the shipping costs?

Our shipping charges are calculated on the product total, before taxes (if applicable):


$0 – $49.99 -> $7.95 Shipping
$50.00 – $149.99 -> $12.95 Shipping
$150.00 + -> $15.95 Shipping