Non-Toxic Brands for a Healthy Lifestyle

Thu, Aug, 29, 2013

balloonsToday is the birthday of our youngest son. We rose early – even earlier than a boy on his birthday – to blow up balloons and hang them in colorful bunches along the fireplace. By the time we were finished, our house was infused with a nauseating, toxic smell, a smell that could only be described as the exact opposite of the happy feelings invoked by balloon bouquets. Our first sips of coffee tasted more like javex than java, and by the time we were leaving the home for the day, we were beginning to feel the slow thrum of a headache coming on. The pervasiveness of toxic products in our everyday lives is astounding, and a new film sets out to remove any uncertainty on this point. Unacceptable Levels, the documentary that won the Health and Environmental Prize at the 30th International Environmental Film Festival in Paris, is sure to make us feel… what – unsettled? shocked? despondent? about the detrimental effects of toxic chemicals on our health. But, as the film points out, there is a brighter picture, of better brands that are generating non-toxic, healthier and more sustainable product choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Dry-erase markers are one of those little products, like birthday balloons, that people may not think too much about, except that they are in constant use in schools, offices and homes across the US and Canada. Inhaling marker vapors of xylene and toluene while teaching, brainstorming, designing or planning? No thanks. EcoSmart Products sets out to provide a healthier option for writing on whiteboards with a non-toxic, refillable marker made of recycled/recyclable aluminum. Even happier than balloon bouquets.

Better Brands

The journalist behind the film Unacceptable Levels says the four-year journey of making the film helped him uncover some better brands, brands that are going above and beyond to produce safer products. Here are some brands the Unacceptable Levels filmmaker trusts, and therefore has the EcoSmart Products stamp of approval:

• Organic Valley
• Woodstock
• Bob’s Red Mill
• Dr. Bronner’s
• Earth Mama Angel Baby
• Ava Anderson Non-Toxic
• NYR Organic
• Stonyfield
• Amy’s
• Annie’s
• Applegate Farms
• Pangea
• Dr. Hauschka
• Badger
• Intelligent Nutrients
• Jason toothpaste
• Eden Organics
• Nature’s Path
• Rudy’s Bakery
• GT’s Kombucha
• Newman’s Own
• Garden of Life Raw Vitamins
• The Honest Company
• Environmental Water Systems



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