5 Tips for Turning Administrators into AusPen Advocates

You’re gung-ho about using the eco-friendly AusPen dry-erase markers at your school, but the administrators who hold the purse strings are a little blasé. Here are 5 tips for turning even the most indifferent administrators into AusPen fans.
  1. Outline the savings that the AusPen has to offer. At a per-marker cost of between 20 to 28 cents compared to 75 cents or more, using AusPen markers is about 70% cheaper than using disposable markers. Cha-ching.
  2. Tell the administrators that the parents will love them! By using a non-toxic product, you will be removing the harmful chemical xylene from the air the students breathe. Parents love that (and staff will as well).
  3. Paint the picture of a product that does not have to be continually re-ordered. One AusPen kit is the equivalent of 246 disposable markers. That’s staying power!
  4. Think of the bragging rights. Schools that significantly reduce their waste and make efforts to go green add value to their environmental education programs and earn respect from their community.
  5. Tell the administrators that the teachers will view the switch to a non-toxic marker as an act of respect for their work and concern for the quality of their workspace environment.
Bonus: 6.  You can just about guarantee that numbers of school days missed will drop. Children with asthma lead the way in school absenteeism as they struggle with indoor air challenges. All the best with your powers of persuasion!

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