9 ways to kill Valentine's Day with chemicals

We're not immune to the toxins in our environment. We already know know that our environment can affect our health and our mood... but our love life too? Today, Rodale.com reported on 11 Surprising Sex-Drive Killers. Here's a look at a few chemicals out to kill our love lives. 1. Scented candles and room fresheners While you might be looking to set the mood with low lighting and scented candles, think again. Artificially scented candles unleash sex-drive-killing chemicals into the air. A 2008 South Carolina State University air-quality test found petroleum-derived, artificially scented candles polluted air with benzene and toluene, toxic components found in tailpipe exhaust. Hmmm... the humble beeswax candle sounds good to me. 2. Microwaveable popcorn Plans to snuggle up to a movie and popcorn? Ever wonder about the hard, plastic-like lining of microwave popcorn bags? The nonstick chemicals found in this product usually contain perfluoroalkyl acids (PFOA or PFOS). Even small doses of these chemicals are linked to testicular tumors, male infertility, and lack of sex drive. The good old-fashioned popcorn popper is more fun anyway.  3. Sugar What's Valentine's Day without all that chocolate, and a sugar rush? But a 2009 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men with better blood sugar levels enjoyed better sexual health. 4. Chronic Stress It's clear that stress doesn't conduce to a romantic evening, but studies have shown that during high-stress times, the female body actually converts progesterone, the precursor molecule to testosterone, into the body's "stress hormone," cortisol, and kills her drive. 5. Toxic dry-erase markers  After spending a day at the office brainstorming at the whiteboard, or in class writing lessons on the whiteboard, you may be left with less of a clear head than all that knowledge would warrant. Xylene or toluene found in regular dry-erase markers can give headaches, a feeling of brain fog, irritability, and even difficulty breathing. Plan to have a headache-free evening by choosing certified non-toxic markers, like AusPen eco-friendly markers. Other things that can cramp your love life over the long term:
  • Certain types of fish, more than others, contain mercury, antibiotics and PCBs, not to mention the depletion of key fish stocks. These chemicals have showen to lower sex drive in women. Check this list of 12 fish to avoid.
  • This past year we read reports about the trace chemicals found on shopping receipts which rub off onto our hands. BPA has been linked to fertility problems and heart disease. Some stores are beginning to email receipts - a great way to avoid handling these chemical-coated pieces of paper, but bad news for your inbox!
  • Just when you think you're being healthy by choosing soy products, a Harvard study links men who eat higher amounts of soy with lower sperm counts, lower sperm quality and higher erectile dysfunction. So it's down with soy, so to speak.
  • Vinyl products are found everywhere due to its versatile and maleable plastic. PVC plastic, also known as 'the poison plastic' is in everything from your raincoat, makeup bag, binders, laptop bag, and shower curtains, and can disrupt hormones and lower testosterone, killing sex drive in both men and women.
This Valentine's Day, and each day forward, it's worth a look at our environment, the products we expose ourselves to, the food we eat and the stress levels we endure to make sure that toxic chemicals are not working against us. Looks like all you need is love ...and a non-toxic environment.

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