A Clean Start

In the early days in North America, people would send or leave messages etched in bark to communicate their whereabouts or plans. Then this piece of bark would be rubbed smooth and a new message would be etched in its place. The unique property of bark is such that old messages can never totally be erased: remnants of past messages can still be made out. Sitting in my history class, I loved this image of messages peeking through and overlaying each other through time.  Not so for the modern mathematician. What could be worse for a mathematician working on secretive equations than to find out that the whiteboard doesn’t wipe entirely clean! A loyal user of AusPen markers was explaining to me that in her math department, only AusPens will do as they wipe clean from the board, leaving no trace of previous mathematical genius. So I can fairly say that you get to  wipe your slate clean with AusPen markers.

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