A Green Valentine's Day Tip

As Valentine's Day approaches, consider the path of destruction in the name of love: flowers flown in from different countries, chocolates wrapped in celophane, cards made from virgin paper stocks, diamonds from regions of conflict... and then there's the new kid on the block: 75 million pounds of PVC plastic (per year) due to gift card waste.* At EcoSmart Products, we are proud that our AusPen eco-friendly markers are not made with PVC plastic (a..k.a. 'the poison plastic'), the way most disposable markers are. So this year, our big green Valentine's Day tip is to replace a plastic gift card with a gift e-card. Many companies offer these virtual gift cards from their websites. Alternatively, if you have any gift cards that you've already used from the holidays, you can just pay to have them re-loaded and re-gifted, so to speak. Love is all you really need. But if you are treating your sweetheart this Valentine's day, the simple act of buying an e-card or going to the store together will send less PVC plastic to the landfill. Have a great green Valentine's Day! *This stat brought to us by Plenty Magazine.

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