A low-level, long-term write off

Tip #4: Our final tip in our mini series on How to Reduce Toxic Exposure is (surprise!) switching to non-toxic office and school supplies. AusPen eco-friendly dry-erase markers will clear the office or classroom air of harmful toxins. Xylene, a chemical solvent and neurotoxin found in conventional markers, is polluting indoor air and creating the conditions for headaches, asthma, fuzzy thinking, and memory loss. Scientists are increasingly turning their attention to the health effects of low-level, long-term exposure to harmful chemicals such as xylene. This is certainly the case in any indoor space where a whiteboard is being used.  We began these How to blogs in search for simple ways in our daily lives to limit the ever-present chemicals we are exposed to. On the grounds of the Precautionary Principle – the need to take action in the midst of uncertainty – and for the sake of a cleaner lifestyle, here is a summary of the 4 best ways to control our everyday toxic exposure. 
EcoSmart’s Top Tips At a Glance: Tip #1: Buy organic when buying ‘Dirty Dozen’ produce; eat more of the ‘Clean 15’ produce Tip #2: Avoid commercial cologne and fragrances that interfere with our hormones and pose other health risks Tip #3: Follow homemade recipes for all types of regular cleaning chores Tip #4: Switch to AusPen non-toxic markers in the office or classroom  

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