A Teacher Gift that Teachers Will Actually Love

At the end of the school year, are you often wondering what kind of gift to give to your child's teacher? I ask teachers all the time what they really like to receive as a year-end present. Invariably, they say that they love gifts that they can actually use, like generic gift cards. Starbucks and Chapters cards are clear winners. But if you're like me, I want to get something that is both practical and something a little different. Something that says I put some thought into this gift. At EcoSmart Products, it's the time of year when we receive orders for refillable markers and refill inks as teacher gifts. It is truly a great gift - a product that the teacher uses constantly, but one that is unique and has a wow factor. Teachers love our non-toxic, refillable dry-erase markers! So this year, EcoSmart Products is making it even easier for you to purchase a year-end gift that the teacher will actually love. Gift certificates are now available for purchase so your teacher can select his or her own combination of dry-erase markers and inks and have them shipped to their home! Here are 3 great reasons to consider an EcoSmart gift certificate as a teacher gift:

Reason #1: Teachers are often required to pay for school supplies out of their own pocket. Owning their own set of refillable dry-erase markers means that they can avoid purchasing expensive single-use disposable markers. EcoSmart markers can be refilled over and over again, and the Refill Ink bottles are only $6.75 for at least 30 refills! It's the gift that keeps on giving.

[caption id="attachment_6844" align="alignright" width="345"]Many different combinations of EcoSmart Markers and Refill Inks Many different combinations of EcoSmart Markers and Refill Inks[/caption]

Reason #2: Regular markers are not only smelly, but they can lead to feelings of unwellness in a classroom. Teachers and students are complaining of headaches, dizziness, nausea and 'brain fog' as well as triggered asthma, caused by marker-smelly rooms. EcoSmart markers are non-toxic, and will leave the teacher feeling healthier and the students able to think clearer. That makes a teacher's job just a bit easier.

Reason #3: Most teachers have an eco-sensibility and are searching for ways to lighten their environmental impact in the classroom. Teachers tell us at EcoSmart Products that using a refillable marker that is made of recycled and recyclable aluminum is a great example for their students. Constantly throwing away plastic markers gives the wrong message to students. Many teachers will have the students top up their refillable markers as part of the classroom chores.

How to order an EcoSmart Products Gift Certificate?

Simply call or email the EcoSmart Office and we can send you a certificate to print and give to your teacher. Gift Certificates can be purchased in any dollar amount and are good for 6 months.

Call us toll-free at: 1 866 328-7736

or email: orders@ecosmartworld.com

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