Accidents can happen

Why bother choose a natural, non-toxic cleaning product? It’s not like you’re going to drink it…  Unless you’re my mom.  While sipping her afternoon tea, my mom noticed a bitter taste – overpoweringly bitter, in fact. Then she remembered that she had started to clean her kettle by soaking vinegar in it. A little while later when it was tea-time, she just turned on the kettle and made her tea with the 'water' already in there. It’s a good thing she wasn’t cleaning with a toxic cleaner. Always one for a good murder mystery, my mom got a good laugh out of that close call. Going green and choosing healthier, non-toxic products just makes sense because you never know where they might end up or how they will enter our system. Luckily for us, non-toxic cleaning supplies were already my mom’s cup of tea!

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