Addicted To Plastic

The compelling documentary, Addicted To Plastic, is playing right now at the Vancouver International Film Festival. It's a compelling look at what actually happens to all that plastic that's used everyday around the world...hint, doesn't go away. In fact, a lot of it ends up in our oceans, something the filmmaker Ian Connacher chronicles on his two trips to the middle of the Pacific Ocean where tonnes of plastic has accumulated (Google "plastic soup" for more on that). It's entertaining, informative and will likely be a sort of wakeup call for most people who see it, even those who are very familiar with waste and sustainable practices. The film does make a point of looking at solutions (recycling efforts, cutting edge technology, behavior change, etc.) to help ease the constant assault plastic unleashes on the planet and despite what might be categorized as an "eco-horror" movie, it has a hopeful side to it. It is out on DVD as well, so have a look for it, it's well worth the hour and half time investment.

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