AusPen All-Stars

At EcoSmart Products, we recognize the efforts our customers have made, and want to celebrate the commitment they have made to the environment. Our AusPen All-Stars program is a way to showcase outstanding ways in which the switch to AusPen eco-friendly markers has made a difference. Congratulations to all the AusPen All-Stars!

Schools reduce their ecological footprint with AusPen eco-friendly markers

San Rafael High School

Meet an amazingly informed, inspirational and motivated group of teens – the Teens Turning Green Club at San Rafael High School. Through fundraisers, the environmental club raised money to purchase kits of AusPen markers for their teachers. Watch the video of the club co-president presenting the new marker kits to the teachers: Read San Rafael's press release here. Way to go, San Rafael High School!

Holy Trinity School

By switching many of its classrooms to AusPen dry-erase markers, Holy Trinity School has avoided the use of approximately 450 pounds of non-biodegradable waste, which would have otherwise gone straight to the landfill. That’s something to be proud of! Read Holy Trinity’s Press Release on their environmental activities and switch to AusPen markers!

L-R: Tara Irani-Senior Science teacher, Erica Auer-Science Department Head, Jacqueline Butler-Senior Science Teacher/Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

Oak Bay Secondary, Vancouver Island

Oak Bay Secondary, a high school of 1300 students, has had outstanding success in conserving resources with AusPen markers. The community of Oak Bay Secondary has kept the equivalent of 478 pounds of toxic waste out of their landfills. Congratulations on creating such an impact!

Bethpage High School

EcoSmart Products recognizes Bethpage High School and their environmental club, Generation Green for their amazing environmental activities. Based on an Earth Day math class project, students at Bethpage High School calculated how many markers the school district was throwing away every year (10,000 markers) and the cost to the schools ($7,000). As a result, many of the teachers in the district have switched to AusPen refillable markers; Bethpage High School has cut down on 450 pounds of toxic waste. Way to go Bethpage! Bethpage’s Generation Green Team ‘Make a Difference’ Read Bethpage’s inspiring story here on how a ‘Make a Difference’ project for Earth Day has turned into a district-wide movement.

Do you feel like your school or business is an AusPen All-Star? Tell us why. We’d love to hear your experiences at

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