AusPen At EPIC

We had a great time at the EPIC Sustainable Living Expo last weekend. The EcoSmart booth was busy all three days, as attendees came by to learn more about our AusPen markers. It was also very cool to meet with a good number of people who were satisfied users of the markers - from teachers to office workers - some who had been using them for over two years and absolutely loving them. We spoke with one teacher from the Fraser Valley who estimates she alone has pulled over 50 pounds of waste out of her local landfill by using the AusPen markers and no longer throwing away the disposbale ones (and she loves the fact they are non-toxic, so she isn't getting any more headaches). Just from the number of kits that were purchased at EPIC we reduced the number disposable markers thrown into local landfills by almost 10,000 markers. Thanks to all of those who came by to learn more about an eco-friendly whiteboard marker alternative, thanks to all those who purchased a kit and thanks to the EPIC crew for putting on a first-rate event.

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