Back to School by the numbers

It’s hard to say exactly what ‘back to school expenses’ are, but some families are claiming waxing, teeth whitening and tattoos as part of their back to school budget. I really don’t remember getting much more than hand-me-downs and the occasional tougher-than-rawhide jeans. Hopefully this year parents and teachers will be taking advantage of the ever-increasing variety of non-toxic and sustainable school supplies on the market, like AusPen non-toxic, refillable dry-erase markers. Here are some random fun facts about hitting the books again: $550 The amount that the average American family of four plans to spend in back to school shopping this season. $310 The average Canadian household spending on back to school. $7.2 billion The amount of money spent at kids clothing stores in the United States last August $70 The amount that 18% of families plan on spending on teeth whitening, and 9% of families plan on spending on tattoos $14,915 Average tuition, room and board (for in-state students) at the nation's four-year public colleges and universities for an entire academic year, more than double the amount from 1990. $10,262 The national average cost per student in Canadian public schools. $9,666 The national average cost per student in American public schools. 7.2 million The number of practicing teachers in the United States -- from pre-kindergarten to college. 76 million The number of U.S. residents enrolled in schools -- from nursery schools to colleges. 1.1 million The number of students who are home-schooled in the U.S., or 2 percent of all school-age students ages 5 to 17. 100% The number of public schools with internet access. In 1995, the proportion was 50 percent. $83,144 Average annual earnings of U.S. workers age 18 and older with an advanced degree. This compares with $58,613 a year for those with bachelor’s degrees, $31,283 for those with a high school diploma only and $21,023 for those without a high school diploma. Most stats from: U.S Census Bureau, American Express Spending & Tracking report, and Statistics Canada

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