Butting out...of the landfills

At EcoSmart Products, we love when trash makes the news. In Shanghai, a Chinese PhD student, Jun Zhao, has found a new use for cigarette butts, a way to divert them from landfills and put them to good use. The scientist has found that cigarette butts soaked in water can help guard against corrosion and rust in steel structures. Since 30% of the world’s smokers live in China, this will prove to be a great way of protecting their environment from one of the world’s most common types of trash.  As for the tons of plastic markers that are discarded every year, there is, as of yet, no innovative new use for them. In the meantime, until scientists can put all that toxic waste to good use, AusPen refillable, recycled and recyclable dry-erase markers are helping schools and companies fill their pens and not their local landfills. To read more about the new life of cigarette butts: Smoking is good... for China's infrastructure | CNNGo.com http://www.cnngo.com/shanghai/none/smoking-or-least-cigarette-butts-good-chinese-infrastructure-015276#ixzz0oTY4bZaR

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