Buying Locally

I noticed an announcement in our local paper today featuring a new "Farmer's Market" that will be starting each weekend in our community. We're already regular visitors to a local farmer's market in our area, but it's in the next town over, so this news was of particular interest to us. In the description they're saying vendors will be offering local organic products, locally made specialty items (cheese, honey, etc.). This is great. Buying locally has many benefits, from reducing the environmental impact due to the products traveling a small distance to get to the consumer, to supporting local farmers and small business owenrs, keeping this money in your local community, which increases revenue for thse local producers, making it more likely local farms and organic-focused companies will prosper. I encourage you to seek out local products when you can..and applaud supermarkets (like one of ours) that are starting to put up signs that highlight "Grown Locally", which is very helpful.

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