California Focuses On Greener Schools

As the school year creeps into December and the holiday season approaches, I'm sure everyone is starting to get a little ansty looking forward to the break. We've been going full out in the EcoSmart office as well and are also looking forward to a nice break with family friends later this month. We do have one more significant conference to attend in December - this one, in Anaheim, is billed as the nation's largest green school event. Titled the "Green California Schools Summit", it will bring together decision makers from schools and school districts all over California to educate and share ideas on how to make real changes that create healthier, more sustainable schools. We will be there introducing our AusPen eco-friendly markers to the attendees and connecting with teachers and administrators who currently use our markers in their schools. California is one of our strongest markets (if not the strongest) and we're excited about meeting new people and seeing old friends. We were just in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago for the "Green Festival" and were overwhelmed by the response to the AusPen markers. The fact they are non-toxic, which has become such a big issue for teachers and parents, was a big hit, but so many people who came by the booth immediately understood how cost effective the markers were...which, considering these current economic times, is a significant benefit to using refillable products, regardless of what brand it is. So we are definitely looking forward to exhibiting in Southern California at this educational-focused convention. If you are thinking of attending, let us know as we have free passes we'd be more than happy to send out to you.

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