Canadian List of E-Waste Recycling

Where does e-waste go? Here at Eco smart World we’re concerned about what we (and you) throw away. Especially when we watched a video like this: In this video they say you can help by recycling your computer in a facility that doesn’t export its end of life goods overseas. We were having a hard time finding these locations – so I did a little research and came up with this list of helpful recycling depots across Canada.  Some shared that they do not send their waste overseas, others did not. If you know about other recycling depots in your province that take used electronics, please email me at and we’ll add yours to the list. Encorp Pacific in British Columbia seemed to have the biggest web presence of all of the sources found. Alberta Recycling Management Authority. Saskatchewan Recycling – Sweep It (please note, I was directed to this page but it does not state whether or not their recycling takes place locally or offshore. Manitoba – Their “Green Manitoba” program is now closed, so this is an alternative list of places accepting e-waste recycling. Ontario – The best resource I was able to find was a reuse program called RCT.  Other recycling programs didn’t specify where the e-waste was taken thereafter. Quebec – The Electronic Recycling Association was the most helpful site that I found searching in English. They have locations in major cities across the country.  Their site also says they don’t send “harmful” waste overseas. New Brunswick – The ERA seems to be a good place to start to get your e-waste recycled here. Nova Scotia – With just under a year in operation– I’ll be keen to see how the Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship program is working. Prince Edward Island – Try as I might, I was only able to find links to Charlottetown recycling pick up with the ERA. And, having said this, PEI was listed under the “other” locations. Newfoundland - As with Price Edward Island, the ERA was the best source for pick up, in St. Johns. What is clear from the resources found is that we really need to ask a lot of questions in order to determine if we can recycle our used electronics and where the end of their life will take them. In the meantime, this is a start.   

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