Carbon Credit Christmas Trees

Speaking of Christmas trees...we also wanted to highlight the "eco" efforts of our good friends at Prince of Wales Secondary School in Vancouver, B.C., as they seek ways to be "greener" and teach their students about environmental stewardship. First, Prince of Wales has committed to making their annual Christmas tree sale as green as possible. Our last blog highlighted a new approach taken by some companies to rent and reuse real, potted Christmas trees, eventually planting them. The Prince of Wales initiatives with their tree sale is two-fold: 1) sourcing trees as close as possible to the school and 2) by calculating and purchasing carbon credits to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from the transport of trees to the lot. Incidentally, the tree sales are in support of TREK, the school’s outdoor and education program and one that is responsible for many hours of community service. Another way in which the school is taking environmental responsibility is through its use of the AusPen whiteboard markers, keeping hundreds of pounds of non-biodegradable waste out of the local landfills every year. Well done, Prince of Wales.

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