China Bans Plastic Bags

Never thought of as a world leader in environmental responsibility, China has taken a step which will have a significant "green" impact, a postive one this time. They have instituted a nationwide ban on the use of plastic bags. This is to take immediate effect and includes everyone from major supermarkets to small shops. This country of 1.3 billion people are the largest users of plastic bags in the world. It should be noted the motivation for the ban spawns more from their desire to conserve on the use of crude oil for making plastic (estimated to be 37 million barrels of crude oil used to make plastic bags every year), rather than the desire to be a more eco-friendly nation. They need that oil for other uses, but that said, China halting the usage of such a large amount of disposable plastic is a good thing overall. The trend is growing, as several countries have made similar announcements (Ireland most recently).

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