Classrooms in a fog

A teacher friend of mine asked her high school students throughout each period of the day who would still be asleep at that time if they were still on summer vacation. Hands went up until at least mid-afternoon. Finally, before the end of the day she would find her first class that was fully awake.  But while students take their time to slowly come around to the living, the build up of fumes from dry-erase markers in a poorly ventilated classroom silently contributes to “brain fog”. Many teens progress through their school day from sleepy to foggy.  Here’s what a mom wrote to us about brain fog:
 When our daughter was unable to stay in her Grade 7 classroom because smelly white board markers gave her horrible “brain fog”, the school secretary ordered AusPens. Happily, she has never left a classroom again because of brain fog thanks to AusPens. She now has her own AusPens for those who don’t know there is a healthy alternative to the toxic, smelly other white board markers.
AusPen non-toxic markers do help lift the fog so that students can wake up and smell...cleaner air.

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