Curious minds need to know

This is what the inside of the BlackBerry Bold looks like. When a family member gave the dead phone (it had gone for a round in the washing machine) to my 10-year-old, I wondered what he might do with it: fool his friends into thinking he had a phone, put it on display in his room, desperately try to revive it... Within seconds the device was in pieces. Not a few big pieces, mind you, but lots of itsy bitsy pieces. The joy of destroying and exploring. This came to my mind as I was speaking with a high school teacher who uses AusPen eco-friendly markers in his classes. He told me that he has learned to just let the kids take the refillable markers apart at the beginning of the year to see what it's all about. Once that is out of their system, they will no longer be distracted in class with the urge to find out things like, what does the inside look like? where do the refill ink drops go? and how do you reverse the nib? Some distractions can be managed. In a high school class, however, most of the other distractions cannot.

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