December AusPen Giveaway!

AusPen Giveaways Where it pays to go green  Welcome to EcoSmart’s giveaway program where your “Green” stories can get you great free eco-friendly products.    Each month we choose a theme, welcome your input, and have an AusPen draw, ranging each month from AusPen starter kits, to marker packs to accessories.  Please note some portion of your submission may be used by EcoSmart Products in promotional material. December Theme: My Green Gift Ideas  Do you think people like receiving green gifts? When your family, friends, children’s teachers, co-workers, babysitters, etc open up your ‘green’ gifts, are they secretly wishing for the shinier, plastic version of the gift? What are your best ideas for green gifts that will leave people feeling like theirs is a great gift? Or, what do you give people (like my parents) who don’t need any more ‘things’? Give us your best advice for choosing eco-friendly gifts.  Email us at to share your green gift insights and ideas. You will be automatically entered into a draw for AusPen giveaways!  You are welcome to share your AusPen experiences, but your story does not have to be limited to AusPen eco-friendly markers

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