Drawing Forth Inspiration on World Teacher Day

The word, 'educate' comes from the verb educe, which means "to draw forth from within." Who can't remember at least one teacher that drew out their best? The act of inspiring, then, is not so  much about putting ideas or information into someone, so much as it is about helping that person draw forth from within. This is the stuff of motivation, passion, determination, insight and orientation. For me, it was Mrs MacIntosh, grade 11 & 12 English. She used to stutter when explaining Shakespeare or Chaucer, not because she had a speech impediment, but because she was so excited by the prose, that it tripped up her speech. She also encouraged us to consider reading a novel or piece of literature more than once. "If someone offered you a piece of chocolate, would you say, 'No, I've tasted that before?'" To Mrs MacIntosh and all other dedicated teachers, especially our AusPen customers: Happy World Teacher Day, and thank you for drawing forth the best in us.  Join our Facebook discussion: What did a teacher say or do that inspired you?

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