Earth Day Class Activity

One of my favorite assignments in my university studies was to design an image to accurately convey the seriousness of Global Warming. At the time (this was a number of years ago!), the idea of a warmer climate seemed alluring. Now, even the most disinterested observer can tell that Global Warming implies some not-so-desirable effects. Try this Earth Day class activity for all levels: Modelling off my university class assigment, challenge your class to come up with an image that could be used as part of an Earth awareness campaign. The kids can even try to give 'global warming' another name, such as 'The Earth Flu'. I lifted these images from Microsoft Office online clipart, and they give an idea of an earth that has undesirable symptoms. For example, you can talk about when you have the flu, you get burning hot and freezing cold, you get aches, pains, and complete exhaustion. This can help describe how you can have multiple and contrasting symptoms all at once. All that's needed for this class assignment is to talk about the various effects of global warming, and depending on the age of the students, a template of the earth for them to embellish. Let the kids present their earth image and even a new name or caption that can go along with it. Good luck!

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