EcoSmart Products launches its new AusPen All-Star Program

EcoSmart Products announces the launch of its new AusPen All-Stars program, a customer appreciation program that recognizes the outstanding commitment of some of our AusPen customers to reducing waste and improving health. In our first round of AusPen All-Stars we celebrate schools that are going green. Their stories are inspiring, and their impact is significant. Here’s a sneak peak at what inspired them, who rallied for support, and how much waste they have saved from their local landfill. 1. San Rafael High School, California. Where else would you find high school students raising money to buy sets of AusPen markers for their teachers? The Teens Turning Green chapter at San Rafael High School literally climbed mountains to raise the funds! Watch the students presenting their teachers with their new markers in this video. 2. Holy Trinity School, Ontario. When a teacher started developing headaches from regular markers, Holy Trinity School decided to pilot AusPen markers for a year – and now many of the other teachers have caught on and they’ve kept over 450 pounds of plastic waste from hitting their local landfills. 3. Oak Bay Secondary School, British Columbia. One of the original users of AusPen markers in North America, Oak Bay Secondary School has stood the test of time. 4. Bethpage High School, New York. It all started when a grade 10 math teacher asked his students to calculate how many disposable markers were thrown out in the school district a year, and what that was costing them. The students crunched the numbers and wrote letters to their Superintendent to make the case for a more sustainable alternative to regular dry-erase markers. Now there’s no stopping Generation Green Team, the school’s environmental club. Way to make a difference, AusPen All-Stars!

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