Going back to the days of Curious George?

It’s not that refilling pens and markers with ink is new. Last night my children and I gathered around the classic Curious George story in which the loveable monkey knocked over a bottle of ink on an important envelope. This made no sense to my young children. (“What is that?”) They are being raised in an age when so much is disposable. What is new about the AusPen refillable dry erase marker is that it represents a deliberate decision, borne out of an environmental conscience and resolve to tread lighter on the earth. I believe that the eco-friendly wave came much after the days of the Man with the Yellow Hat (…the one who took a monkey from Africa for a pet). It also helps that topping up the AusPen is clean, quick and easy, by just adding a few drops of ink inside the marker barrel. It’s definitely faster and more spill proof than ordering a latte at Starbucks.

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