Great Gift Ideas for Teachers 2012

As the school year comes to a close, many parents struggle to find the perfect thank you gift that shows appreciation for all of the teacher’s hard work. But not all teachers have the same taste, nor will they all appreciate the usual mug, coffee gift card, or box of chocolates. These 7 gift ideas will not only stand out among the others on your teacher’s desk, but they will also reflect the style or interests of your teacher. For the reading type: 100 Book Covers in a Box Teachers with a love of literature will enjoy this unique box of 100 postcards of book covers from Penguin books. Whether it’s for writing notes, making a wall display, or actually sending postcards, this gift will make it a good thing to judge a book by its cover. $16.50       For the humanitarian type: Gifts of Hope from Plan Plan offers a variety of Gifts of Hope, all of which offer a world of difference to the recipients. Whether it’s to help a woman with her source of income, a family with a source of nourishment, or a classroom with its essentials, your humanitarian teacher will appreciate the depth of this gift.  There are mango trees ($12), sets of classroom essentials ($17), rapidly-reproducing rabbits ($35 for 6), or if you have several teachers to thank, you could consider a group gift, for example, of a library in a box for Haiti ($60) or a water well for a school ($175).       For the fashionable type: The Vera Bradley look The Vera Bradley bag is all the rage – but with such a diversity of bags and designs, there’s almost no risk of having the same item as anyone else! The colorful and ultra feminine prints are a great way to usher in the summer season and add a punch of personality. The range of products in the Vera Bradley line offers wallets (from $17), laptop sleeves (from $19), cosmetic bags (from $11), e-reader sleeves (from $25) and tote bags (from $24). Sorry, no manly options here.       For the eco-friendly type: AusPen eco-friendly dry-erase markers For the teacher who spends his or her day at the whiteboard, a set of non-toxic, refillable dry-erase markers is a godsend. Not only will refillable markers allow the teacher to always have fresh markers, it will relieve him or her of the guilt of constantly throwing away plastic markers that end up in the landfill. The non-toxic ink will also let everyone in the class breathe a little easier. The markers and refill inks can be purchased separately ($8.95 for a set of 6 markers; $7.95 per refill ink bottle) or in a kit that will last the equivalent of 200 markers ($49.95).     For the eccentric type: Hand-made scarves with a personality For the teacher that likes her style a little eccentric or whimsical, Green3 offers unique hand-made items that are eco-friendly and unique. The yarn is spun from textile industry leftovers, which would have otherwise been discarded. The fox stole gives a new meaning to ‘faux fur’, and your teacher just may catch her students’ attention and approval with the sock monkey scarf (both $28).       For the chocolate type: Cloud 9 Chocolate This is raw, vegan, gluten-free, chocolate fudge! More than that, it’s a superfood. The list includes organic raw chocolate beans, coco powder, cocao butter, dates, coconut nectar, vanilla, sea salt, raw nuts and seeds, and dehydrated fruit. One spoonful of Cloud 9 chocolate contains over 25, 000 antioxidants (18 times the amount of blueberries) Now you can have your cake and eat it too. And it’s safe for diabetics too! $5 pieces of fudge, but the 3-month subscription may suit the need better.       For the collector type: A wooden box What teacher wouldn’t appreciate a wooden box for gathering trinkets, keepsakes or more practical items like paperclips and stamps? It could even be presented with a small handmade note of appreciation inside. Sold through Chapter’s/Indigo, these wooden boxes are a classic touch for a bedside table or teacher’s desk. (small boxes $14.50, large boxes $29.50).   What better way to launch into summer vacation than to express a heart-felt thank you to your children’s teachers for their dedication and work in the classroom. With a thoughtful gift and a hand-written card, your teachers will feel appreciated and remembered, which is, after all, the true gift to a teacher.

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