Green Holiday Gifts – Sales of AusPen Eco-Friendly Markers Spike

Consumer spending on green holiday gifts continues to increase year-over-year, a strong indication that interest in earth-friendly products and services is more than a passing trend. With a 150% sales spike in the 2009 holiday season over the 2008 season, EcoSmart Products, distributors of AusPen eco-friendly dry erase markers, has seen the industry of eco-friendly school and office supplies become an ideal source for holiday gifts. Holiday gift-giving has gone green, and will most likely stay that way as shoppers search for innovative, earth-friendly and cost-effective gifts. Recent sales trends compiled from EcoSmart Products, distributors of AusPen eco-friendly markers, show a significant increase in the giving of green holiday and teacher-appreciation gifts. “Ongoing concern about the environment, the search for distinctive gifts, and a heightened awareness of green alternatives to products and services has translated into seasonal sales booms,” says Kerry Tuttle of AusPen markers. In keeping with projections that green consumerism is on the rise, the surge in green gift-buying can be attributed to several factors. First, consumers are increasingly informed of the true environmental cost of products and are more likely to search online for more sustainable and less resource-intensive products. “When they find a green product that can perform as well or better than the regular, wasteful one, they feel a great sense of pride,” explains Tuttle. Just as greenness helps businesses or schools differentiate themselves from the others, choosing a green gift helps the recipient stand out in an important way. “It’s a nice personal touch to offer a professional a quality non-toxic product they can use on a day to day basis that will protect their health from harmful chemicals and help them tread lighter on the earth,” says Tuttle. Another factor which has influenced green holiday gift-buying is cost and the concept of value. While lower prices are top of mind for most consumers in today’s economy, there has been a shift in thinking about eco-friendly products as premium-priced luxury items to an understanding that most re-useable products are actually more cost effective than the disposable kind. “With such an emphasis on using more sustainable products, and consuming fewer natural resources, it has been no surprise to us that green gift-giving continues to be on trend. Our sales numbers attributed to green holiday giving have increased over 150% since 2008,” stated Tuttle. In 2008, the majority of the consumers of green office and school supplies would be the end-users themselves: educators, office workers, school administrators. Now, as environmental and health issues create concern and pervade our news, other stakeholders are driving the eco-product trend. “Parents are buying class sets of AusPen eco-friendly markers as teacher-appreciation gifts, students of business, education or the healing arts receive AusPen markers in anticipation of their professional pursuits, and students themselves are fundraising on behalf of their teachers to buy them these non-toxic, refillable markers,” explains Tuttle. Eco gift-giving is a trend Tuttle is sure will grow, especially if consumers have access to the products online. comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, reported that e-commerce spending during last year’s holiday season – November and December - was up 4% in the United States from the 2008 holiday season, totalling $29.1 billion spent online.

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