Green jobs and greening your job

Now that we know what Santa brought this year, the big question is: what changes in the job market will 2010 bring? Increasing evidence shows that green jobs are better paying than non-green jobs in similar sectors, according to a new report from PayScale and CleanEdge. Even entry-level positions were better paid, on average. But where are the majority of green job openings? Research by Green Dream Jobs found that the top 20 green job openings this past year were actually mid to high level positions (see below for list). One reason for that could be that the American market really is embracing green technology. In the new book, The Green Collar Economy, Van Jones says, "The time has come for the nation to give greater support to the problem green-collar workers, and green consumers. We have the chance now to create new markets, new technology, new industries, and a new workforce.” Leaving the pollution-based economy behind, here are the top 5 sectors for clean-tech job activity in the US for 2009:
  1. Solar
  2. Biofuels and biomaterials
  3. Conservation and efficiency
  4. Smart grid
  5. Wind power
Source: Clean Edge, Inc., 2009 If a switch to a newly emerging green job is not right for you, but you want to bring your ideals into your current job, consider making some environmentally-friendly switches like using the refillable, recyclable AusPen dry-erase markers in the classroom or boardroom. Your colleagues will take note that one kit of AusPen markers eliminates toxic fumes from the room and it replaces approximately 246 disposable toxic whiteboard markers, which would end up in local landfills. It’s a great way to make your current job go green. Top 20 Green Job Titles, according to Green Dream Jobs:
  • Executive director of a nonprofit
  • Project leader/manager
  • Sustainability program director/manager
  • Sales/business development associate or manager
  • Marketing manager/coordinator
  • Community crew leaders/supervisors for conservation associations
  • Business/data analyst
  • Research analyst/manager
  • Environmental educator/naturalist
  • Account executive/manager, sales
  • Professor
  • Sustainability analyst/consultant
  • Operations manager
  • Wind energy engineer

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