Green School Supplies

Recently a customer emailed and said that she had dropped her much-used AusPen kit and the clasp on the carrying case had broken off. She asked if EcoSmart Products would send a replacement clasp. Sounds like a simple request, but it got me thinking.   AusPen users really are behaviourally green consumers. They think and act green. Rather than purchasing a whole new kit, this customer just replaced the part that was needed (free of charge). This is the thinking that AusPen dry-erase markers is founded on. Nibs worn down? Switch them around and double their life span. When that’s done, order a set of replacement nibs ($25 for 20 nibs, or 40 tips-worth). Ink bottle running low? Order another bottle ($7.95 for 40 markers-worth) and keep using the same markers. Not only are resources being saved by replacing worn or used parts, but AusPen users are saving up to 70% on their marker budget. Truly a 'green school supply', AusPen markers keep both the classroom and the coffers green.

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