Green Schools and Sustainable Companies: Can we agree that green practices are best practices?

As 2014 dons its pjs and gets ready to lay itself to rest, we look back on the year and reflect: are we further along the sustainability continuum than at the beginning of the year? Are the terms 'green', 'eco' and 'sustainable', which seem to grace every mission statement and company description, becoming more redundant and less necessary? Has our first-hand experience not shown that what is ultimately good for the school or company is also good for the planet? At the close of 2014, it just may be time for us all to agree that a school or company's green practices are also synonymous with its best practices. At EcoSmart Products we work with so many institutions, supplying them with non-toxic, refillable markers. A few months ago we tweeted that we look forward to the day when a 'green school' will just be called a 'school'. This was one of our most retweeted and favorited tweets of 2014.

Coherence is the feeling you get when everything together makes sense.Like when your fitness trainer is actually in good shape. Walking into a school or company that espouses an eco culture, but then seeing products lying around that are wasteful, toxic or inefficient is like seeing a 'Go Green' bumper sticker on a Hummer. The products that adorn a classroom or boardroom speak to coherence or incoherence. To be sure, sustainability is a complex, multi-faceted concept that takes focus, coordination and systematic planning. It involves doing more with less, inspiring innovation, creating long-term goals and honoring diversity. But as 2015 begins to stir to life, we celebrate redundant terms and coherent work spaces along the road to sustainability.



[caption id="attachment_5758" align="alignright" width="200"]EcoSmart's non-toxic, refillable markers and refill ink. EcoSmart's non-toxic, refillable markers and refill ink.[/caption]

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