Green Schools - Campbell Hall

We here at EcoSmart Products just wanted to give a quick thumbs up to Campbell Hall School in Southern California. Not only are they a proud member of the Green Schools Alliance, but they have taken a significant step in further reducing the waste the school produces by starting to switch over to AusPen markers. By using our refillable markers they have taken thousands of disposable markers out (made from PVCs), of their local landfills. This small decision will have a huge impact on the school (non-toxic ink is one big component of the AusPen refillable markers) and on the local environment. And you simply can't underestimate the impact this has on the students, teachers and parents. The students see the environmentally responsible choice the school and teachers have made and they benefit from modeling that behaviour. As well, parents see a tangible commitment from their children's school to creating a better classroom environment, a safer, less toxic school and one that makes a real difference in the community. It truly is a win-win-win. So congrats to Campbell Hall on finding another way to be an even greener school, seeking out green school supplies and a great organization in the community. We wish you all the best this school year. 

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