Halloween Candies and Costumes

Happy Halloween from all of us here at EcoSmart Products! My son says he can't wait to get some 'Toxic Waste' candies in his loot tonight. In case you're not familiar with this candy, it is the self-proclamed only sour candy strong enough to be officially proclaimed HAZARDOUS and it comes in a container shaped like an overflowing drum of Toxic Waste. Is this irony? Tongue-in-cheek? Or just a new wave of brutally honest advertising? While on the topic of irony and toxic waste,  did anyone else catch the Toxies, a spoof awards show in June that awards harmful chemicals (actors dressed up to represent their toxin) with awards? Toluene, Xylene, BPA, Mercury... they were all there. I thought that would be a fun Halloween costume for my 3 boys. My pitch was a little weak, so they went a different route, opting for normal costumes... and toxic waste candies!

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