Happy 75th David Suzuki!

March 24 will ring in David Suzuki's 75th birthday! Who hasn't watched this environmental icon through the years? I remember growing up with The Nature of Things on tv - one of the only tv shows my parents would watch. His voice - always extolling the beauty of nature and calling us to action - is a familiar sound in my life. His accomplishments are many, having written over 40 books, received numerous awards and medals for his environmental work and 22 honorary doctorates from universities. For his support of Canada's First Nations people, Dr. Suzuki has been honored with six names and formal adoption by two tribes. (on this last point, my father was adopted alongside David Suzuki into the Haida clan - a true honor!). Take a look at this outstanding recap of what we've seen through the lens of The Nature of Things over the last 50 years: http://www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/episode/50-years-of-the-nature-of-things.html Know of another green hero in your life? Someone who has inspired you or those around you? Enter our "Nominate your Green Hero" giveaway contest for March. You can win free AusPen eco-friendly markers for this green hero!

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