Happy Labor Day

EcoSmart Products wants to wish everyone a very happy Labor Day weekend. For many, this means back to school on Tuesday, as another school year kicks off. We're very pleased to see so many loyal users contact us with orders for the new school year as they continue their commitment to keeping their school and community as green as possible. And we want to thank all those who are trying out our refillable markers (AusPen markers) and non-toxic markers for the first time this year. It's very encouraging to see so many teachers and administrators that are focused on not only saving money (and by using AusPen markers schools save a TON of money) but on really making decisions that reduce waste and toxins in the school. We have had many, many enlightened conversations the last few weeks with educators getting set for another term, who are very much thinking about ways to be more eco-friendly in all areas. And many reference how important it is to show this behavior for the students, providing them with strong role models when it comes to sustainability, but also parents want to see it as well. All the best in your first week back in the classroom.

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