How to replace AusPen marker nibs

One of the features of AusPen eco-friendly markers is that the nibs are reinforced for durability, and they are double-sided for double the life. When the nib wears down, you can reverse it, and/or replace it with a new one. Every AusPen marker is compatible with either bullet or chisel nibs. Here are the simple steps for reversing or replacing your AusPen marker nib:
  • Unscrew the neck of the barrel
  • Take the parts apart, as in the illustration
  • Reverse the nib (or use a new nib) and insert into the nib holder
  • Replace the nib holder into the housing
  • Re-screw the housing into the neck of the barrel firmly
Now get back to work! Always take care when handling ink. The ink will wash off hands easily, but not off of fabrics.

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