July 2012 AusPen Giveaway Draw!

AusPen Giveaways

Welcome to EcoSmart’s giveaway program where your “Green” stories can get you great free eco-friendly products.  Each month we choose a theme, welcome your input, and have an AusPen draw!

Theme of the Month: Rebooting

What is something worth caring about, and what should we just. stop. caring. about?

It's summertime - often a time for recharging, pressing the reset button, or just unplugging. In our recent article about things that affect brain functioning, we discovered that regular, everyday stress can lead to brain shrinkage and has an even bigger impact on how we think than the big whammie stresses of life. Our AusPen marker giveaway draw question this month is: what do we need to care more about, and what do we need to stop caring about?   Share your insights! Post in our comment section below, post on our Facebook page, or email us at info@ecosmartworld.com.  (You will be automatically entered into a draw for AusPen giveaways!). This contest runs throughout July 2012.   Click to share on twitter!     You are welcome to share your AusPen experiences, but your story does not have to be limited to AusPen eco-friendly markers. Please note some portion of your submission may be used by EcoSmart Products in promotional material, or your comments may just amuse, educate or influence our readers.

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