King County "Green Schools" Endorses Eco-Friendly Markers

King County Green Schools and AusPen - Washington State's King County (think Seattle area) has put together a "Green School" program that currently has over 200 participating schools. The focus of the "Green Schools" program, as you might imagine, is to have all the schools in King County actively pursuing conservation and sustainable practices. The program provides tools that help to put in place waste reduction and recycling programs, educate both staff and students on environmental stewardship and strive to make their facilities as eco-friendly as possible. One of the products King County has highlighted to assist them in achieving the goals of their "Green School" program is the AusPen eco-friendly dry erase marker and we are proud to be a part of this exciting program. It's great to see so many schools make the commitment to the program and that King County has taken the initiative to put a program like this in place. The benefit to their local environment is enormous (less toxic waste in the landfills, less toxicity in the schools, and on and on), but the benefits to the students and community is immeasurable. A program like this unquestionably has a positive impact on the students in these schools, as they see the difference they can make on a daily basis and understand the impact of their actions on the larger community. Programs like this help to shape global citizens we can all be proud of. Congrats to King County for their commitment. You can read more about the Green Schools program at

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