Mabel's Labels for Refillable Markers

Labels are not always a good thing, as anyone typecast as a nerd, jock, or dizzy blonde might tell you. But Mabel's Labels, the company that has found its niche market in kids who loose stuff, has made nifty labels for everything from clothes to lunchboxes to pencils and erasers. I even read on my twitter account yesterday that a good samaritan had returned a lost BlackBerry to its owner thanks to its Mabel's Label!  Clearly, it's not just kids who loose things (please, please tell me that the BlackBerry did not belong to a kid...) At EcoSmart Products, we are excited to join forces with Mabel's Labels and propose a solution for everyone who has purchased refillable markers and would like to label them as such. This could be a great solution for conference spaces or classrooms in which the markers may be used by those who are unfamiliar with them. We have found the Classic Skinny Mini Labels to be both durable and cute!  Here we have shown our AusPen markers labelled, 'I'm Refillable!' and 'Don't throw me out!' You could easily label them with:
  • A conference room or classroom number
  • Your name
  • Instructions such as, 'Inks in Staff Room' or 'Refill at Reception"
  • A message that reinforces your choice in AusPen markers, like: "I'm Green!" or "I'm Non-Toxic" or "I Save Waste!"
To order a set of labels for your markers, visit Mabel's Labels and check out the Classic Skinny-Minis ($18.50 for 80 labels). So, go ahead and label away!

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