Math educator publishes book with her son

[caption id="attachment_1802" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="by Becky and Jack Schantz"][/caption]
Congratulations to our loyal AusPen customer, Becky Schantz and her son, Jack, for publishing their book, Mommy, How Many Numbers Are There? It's now available as a Kindle ebook, on special for $1.99 through! Becky has shared with us at EcoSmart Products her Pencasts through LiveScribe in which she teaches math with her AusPen markers (who knew what a pencast was, let alone factoring trinomials?!), and she has assigned her students the math problems of comparing the cost of disposable versus refillable markers. (hint: penfill, not landfill!) Becky's journey as a math educator, a green advocate, a parent, and now an author! can be followed at her blogs: Math is Tough Bar-B and P.S. No seriously, Becky, how many numbers are there?

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