Mother's Day 2014 Gift and Activity Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and so we've put together a list of last-minute activities and gifts for the special moms in your life! Go green this Mother's Day with organic and non-toxic products, and create some new memories with activities that are creative, outdoorsy, humanitarian or sentimental. However you like to celebrate, here are some gift and activity ideas to make it a special Mother's Day.

1. Go Geocashing

I-heart-geocachingGeocashing is a real outdoors treasure hunt that is lieing in wait in most cities and towns across North America. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location! Take a look at the official geocashing site to see if there is a hunt near you. This fun outdoor activity requires a sense of adventure, a GPS and great company.

2. Window Doodling

I love you becauseGet out your non-toxic (and refillable!) EcoSmart dry-erase markers and get window doodling. Decorate mom's windows, mirrors and even picture frames to surround her with hearts or messages on Mother's Day. Here's a great craft idea of a simple message board that will change as you want to express your feelings for mom. Don't worry, the dry-erase markers will erase off of glass no problem. Think of it as a way of cleaning the windows and mirrors of your home!

3. Pay it Forward

planJust about every mom wants to see her children pay their love forward by giving to others. This Mother's Day, consider scrolling through some charity websites together and deciding on where you could make a donation in her name. Plan offers a wide selection of Gifts of Hope which range from mosquito nets ($10) to chicks ($17) to water for a family ($75). Toonies for Tummies is a grocery foundation that collects change (or online donations) to feed hungry children within your city. There's also so many local organizations like the women's shelter that welcome donations of many kinds.

4. Get the gift of organic make-up

Dr Hauschka mascaraMy mom always warns that wearing regular mascara is like putting shoe polish on your lashes. She has switched to Dr Hauschka products, more expensive for sure, but ultimately safer, longer-lasting, and a great gift for us to get her on special occasions! The problem with most regular make-up at the drugstore is that it is made from cancer-causing petroleum derivatives, or has hormone-disrupting parabens and irritating fragrances. For some beautiful, pampering products for Mother's Day, check out this super blog post from Katherine Martinko, for, with her top 10 picks of natural, green make-up products.

5. Pictures say all there is to say

29a65d6c905a01a1b9c83b429f9e32c5c072d4a7ca3acf9e868d0b6dad4b5975d4a810814236d9321225f0ce84379e0eCapture the essence of motherhood with photos of her loved ones. Pinterest is teeming with creative ways to display kids' photos and art. Whether it's a photo shoot with mom on Mother's Day, or a gift of framed pictures, mementos or artwork, she'll treasure it more than any new scarf, coffee cup or box of assorted teas.


Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

The EcoSmart Team

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