NASA's Blue Marble Photos

A roughly translated African proverb goes: A fish is in water but does not know the importance of water. Before space technology, I guess you could say that we were like fish, unaware of our planet. From the first grainy images of earth in 1946, to the famous ‘Earthrise’ photo from the 1968 trip to the moon, to NASA’s most recent photos of the earth, it’s thanks to these proverbial fish out of water that we can forever see our planet as the one fragile home that it is. NASA recently captured the best, most detailed and true-color image of our planet ever. After months of observations and compilations of images, NASA released the image on Flickr, where you can view other images and an animated spinning earth. In honor of the upcoming Earth Day 2010, we are posting these images of our beautiful planet. October 24 1946 was the first photo taken of our planet by a rocket-borne camera: Apollo 8 went to the moon, but found Earth, in this “Earthrise” photo on Christmas Eve 1968: The resolution and colors of this image, released in February 2010, are the best shots yet: Happy Earth Day 2010 from EcoSmart Products!

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