New Year's Resolutions: 2 keys to success

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  Happy New Year's from EcoSmart Products! A time to pick up new habits, drop the bad ones, and lose a ton of weight. (, really, the people of a small town in BC are resolving to lose 1 ton in 10 weeks. See what I mean at From what I can tell there are two keys to achieving one's New Year's resolutions. 1. Make goals more achievable by breaking them down into small, measureable tasks. For example, instead of resolving to simply 'lose weight', try thinking about, say, 'losing one pound a week'. Or, rather than resolving to 'be more environmentally friendly', try narrowing down your actions to chosing a habit or product (like, ahem, AusPen markers) that will help change your consumption patterns or eliminate harmful toxins. 2.  Declare your intentions. Those who are more likely to achieve their goals have made their New Year's resolutions public, and gotten support from those around them. The added bonus to this strategy is that you won't feel alone in your goals - others are usually at the ready to share tips and insights from their own experiences. Whatever your New Year's resolutions, we wish you a happy, healthy and green 2011!

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