Non-toxic recipes with natural ingredients for spring cleaning

Winter's out. Spring is in. Bring it on! Just in case spring cleaning is on your list of things to do, here is a link to our favorite site with homemade recipes for natural cleaning supplies. Not only does this help eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in our home, but buying a few spray bottles and common cleaning items is much more economical. The recipes here will help deal with toilets, floors, oven, mirrors, and appliances, and will replace your chemical-drenched laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, liquid dish soap, fabric softeners and disinfectant sprays. A comparison of commercial cleaning ingredients and those used in our DIY spring cleaning concoctions should make the decision to go green with cleaning supplies a no-brainer.
Commercial cleaning ingredients DIY cleaning ingredients
Ammonia Vinegar
2-butoxyethanol Cornstarch
Ethoxylated nonyl phenols (NPEs) (aka gender-benders) Baking soda
Silica Castile soap
Phosphates Borax
Petrochemical fragrances Essential oils
Have fun creating your own eco janitorial closet!  

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