October AusPen Giveaway Draw!

AusPen Giveaways Where it pays to go green  Welcome to EcoSmart’s giveaway program where your “Green” stories can get you great free eco-friendly products.  Each month we choose a theme, welcome your input, and have an AusPen draw, ranging each month from AusPen starter kits, to marker packs to accessories.

October Theme:  The Flow of Ink.

What do you use dry-erase markers for?

For centuries, reed or quill pens were made from bamboo grasses or birds' feathers and dipped in ink (a mixture of iron-salts, nutgalls and gum). It is said that the scratching sound of the reed pen on paper would create a pitch and resonance that accompanied the written words, like music accompanies lyrics.  Did you know that even quill pens were highly disposable, just like many of today's regular dry-erase markers? After about one week, a quill pen had to be discarded. Not so with AusPen refillable dry-erase markers... The theme of this month’s AusPen giveaway draw is the flow of ink: what do you use dry-erase markers for? What do you express with your dry-erase markers? Are you teaching math concepts, art lessons, or brainstorming in the boardroom? If you are using refillable markers, what does the ability to refill your marker ink mean to you? Drop us a line and you’ll be automatically entered in our draw to win AusPen eco-friendly markers. There are two ways to automatically enter this draw: 1. Leave a comment below or 2. Email us (info@ecosmartworld.com) and you will be automatically entered into a draw for AusPen giveaways!  Photo courtesy of About.com: http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa100197.htm Please note some portion of your submission may be used by EcoSmart Products in promotional material.

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