Olympic Bids Highlight "Green"

I was reading an article this morning that highlghted how the Olympic bidding process is an intriguing barometer on the growth of eco-friendly consciousness. While it's true that in the past bid cities have included environmentally-responsible components to their applications, it has only been since the 2010 Olympic bids that a stronger commitment to "green" became apparent. But to see the new 2016 bids, it is clear how far the movement has come. These cities have fully integrated "green-thinking" into all components of the bid. From mandatory emissions caps (Tokyo) to ‘21st Century Green Urban Spaces’ located near potential Olympic sites (Chicago) and on and on it goes for each city. Sure, some of the projects outlined won't see the light of day and there is a clear pandering to the what they believe the Olympic selection committee wants to see in a bid, but the fact sustainability and emission reduction has become such an important focus in a relatively short period of time is very encouraging.

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