One Secret Ingredient in Eco-Friendly Pools and Pens

What do AusPen dry-erase markers and many swimming pools have in common? They both use a rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) as an eco-friendly alternative. As for AusPen markers, using a non-toxic, alcohol-based solvent avoids the use of toxic chemicals such as xylene and toluene, which are neurotoxins linked with headaches, breathing difficulties and 'brain fog'. As for swimming pools, a relatively new invention - a little fish in the water - dispenses isopropyl alcohol into the water, creating a film over the water surface. This acts as a solar blanket and avoids the use of plastic pool covers which dissolve every few years and end up in the landfill.  It's one little ingredient that is allowing AusPen dry-erase markers to eliminate toxins, and helping pool owners get along swimmingly with their landfills.

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