Pasadena Gets A Little Greener

Thanks to the City of Pasadena (California), this jewel in the San Gabriel Mountains (made famous by Jan and Dean in their 60's hit "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena) is a little greener today than it was before. The City office has re-ordered more AusPen markers, which means not only are they saving money, but they have taken literally thousands of the old PVC-made disposable markers out of their local landfills (and they have reduced toxicity in their workplace by using our non-toxic markers). Pasadena is just one of many City offices in North America that are making "greener" changes throughout their buildings, looking for eco-friendly alternatives to every day supplies. It produces a tangible result immediately, but also conveys to the community that they are committed to sustainability and creates positive actions all over the city. AusPen is happy to be a part of these changes cities are making. Again, we say this all the time, but small changes can have a huge impact.

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