Precycling, precisely speaking

This year the editors of Webster’s Dictionary added over 100 new words to the official English language, illustrating that English is a dynamic, evolving language. Not surprisingly, a number of the words have hailed from the tech and green industries. We can now say ‘webisode’, ‘vlog’, ‘green collar’, and ‘carbon footprint’ knowing that Webster’s has our back.  Whether they are officially recognized or not, a growing lexicon of new verbs has also cropped up in recent years, leaving no doubt that what we do is different from before. To Google, ping, text, blog, and spam is all done in a day’s work. (Well, hopefully not the spamming part.) What has recently caught our attention at EcoSmart Products is the phrase, ‘precycling’, soon to make an entrance the way the 3R’s did in the ‘90s. A cousin of the 4th R (refuse) that joined the gang later on, ‘precycling’ refers to efforts to prevent recycling, or to be preventive in using products that will end up in landfills or even in recycling bins. Buying products with a long user life span, that have recycled packaging, and that cut down on resources used are all ‘precycling’ activities. The AusPen whiteboard marker will be a happy beneficiary of this emerging catchphrase as increasingly more businesses and schools turn to products that are less resource-intensive, that produce less waste and that are recyclable at the end of its long user life span. One AusPen kit of 6 refillable, recyclable whiteboard markers and their non-toxic ink refills prevents the use of approximately 246 disposable markers. Now that’s precycling!

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