Putting the move into the green movement

There I was squeezed into my son’s desk at last night’s parent-teacher curriculum meeting. The teacher was talking about the environmental curriculum which will cover energy conservation and general environmental awareness.  As I looked up and around the room, it was easy to tell that this curriculum had no practical application at this school, or else, quite simply, previous classes would have done something about these lights, those disposable markers, the overflowing garbage cans…  I’m wondering what lesson we are teaching our kids if we teach one thing, but we don’t act on it – correction: we act against it ? That knowledge is more important than skills?  From all the interactions I’ve had here at EcoSmart Products with schools going green, I’ve learned that the application of environmental awareness is the fun part for kids. It’s where the message hits home.  As for me, what would I be teaching my kids by working for an environmentally-minded company yet not taking initiative to help the class mobilize their knowledge into action? My life just got a little busier…

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